This article applies to the following devices:

  • FieldLab, all models.
  • Field Gauge, all models equipped with one or more pressure sensors. Instructions in this article are specific to FieldLab, but also apply to Field Gauge models.

Things you will need: 

  • A PC running Windows. 
  • FieldLab Desktop software version 1.00 (or later) installed on your PC. Download the latest version for free.
  • A Ralston Instruments FieldLab.
  • USB Cord, provided with your FieldLab.
  • A pressure source that can generate enough pressure to take the FieldLab and reference to full span.
  • A reference pressure device that is (recommended) 4 times more accurate than the FieldLab, and has a full span that is equal to or greater than the full span of the FieldLab.


Connect the FieldLab and reference to the same pressure source.


Power on the FieldLab, if you have not done so already.


Connect FieldLab to a PC running FieldLab Desktop with the provided USB cord.

Download the latest version of FieldLab Desktop for free.


In FieldLab Desktop on your PC, select the FieldLab you want to calibrate from the Devices screen.

You cannot select the FieldLab unless it is powered on and connected to your PC with the provided USB cord.


On the FieldLab Overview Screen, select the tab titled "Sensors".


On the Calibration Screen, select the button titled "Recalibrate This FieldLab".


Select the pressure engineering units you want to use for the calibration process.

Note: The screens shown in this support article are for demonstration purposes only. 

The example  screens in this support article were taken from a FieldLab model with a full span of 100 psi. 

Ralston FieldLab models are available with full spans from 30 to 10,000 psi; so when you are calibrating your FieldLab be sure to follow the actual Min, Mid, and Max calibration points displayed on your computer screen in FieldLab desktop.


Adjust the pressure source to the target Reference Reading pressure.

FieldLab Desktop will automatically feed the pressure reading from the FieldLab via the USB connection to Fieldlab Desktop. FieldLab Desktop cannot see the reading on the reference device, so you will need to adjust the pressure so that the reference device displays each target pressure.

If you can't get the reference device to read exactly the target pressure, that's ok. Get it as close as you can and then manually enter the reference device reading into the Reference Reading field.


When the live reading on the reference device indicates you have reached the target pressure, select the "Log Reading" button.


Select the button titled “Up Next, Mid Point” (or Max Point, depending on the step you're on) to proceed to the next reference point.

Repeat steps 8, 9, and 10 each of the remaining reference points.


Once you have logged the Min, Mid, and Max Points, select the Make Adjustments button.

When you click the Make Adjustments button, FieldLab Desktop will use the information provided to recalibrate the FieldLab if it is out of spec.


Set the Next Calibration Date


Save Changes so that the next calibration date will be recorded on your FieldLab and in FieldLab Desktop.


Select Exit to return to the overview screen for your FieldLab.


You should now have a calibrated FieldLab until the next scheduled recalibration date.