Connect the correct thermal probe to your Field Gauge

Connect the correct thermal probe to your Field Gauge

Detachable thermal probes are not interchangeable with other Field Gauges. Each temperature probe is calibrated precisely to the Field Gauge it ships with at Ralston Instruments' ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accredited lab. 

To log temperature data to the highest possible accuracy, you must reconnect each thermal probe to the gauge it was lab-calibrated & certified with.

At the end of the job, it is common practice to disassemble equipment and pack it safely for storage and transport, including removing thermal probes from Field Gauges. Having multiple Field Gauges with temperature probes in your team's tool arsenal is also common. Because they all look identical, re-pairing probes with the correct gauges can quickly get confusing.

How to match a temperature probe to the Field Gauge it was calibrated and shipped with

Find the serial number of the probe that matches your gauge.

Power on the Field Gauge.

Press and hold the Menu/Up-Arrow button until the word MENU appears.

Tap the Backlight/Right-Arrow button to scroll through the menu options until the text PROBE SN appears.

Press the Zero/Checkmark button to select that menu item.
The bottom row of digits is the serial number for the corresponding temperature probe.

Identify the matching serial number on the temperature probe.

It is the seven-digit number listed below the product number.
Connect the probe displaying the etched serial number that matches the s.n. displayed on the Field Gauge screen to the temperature sensor port on that device.

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