Things you will need to create the test.

A PC running Windows. 

FieldLab Desktop software version 1.36 or later installed on your PC. 


Download or update FieldLab Desktop software.

FieldLab Desktop is a free utility software you can use to:

  • Update the firmware on your Ralston digital devices.
  • Manage and export the data you collect from tests.
  • Create custom tests to run on your computer and FieldLab digital devices.

FieldLab Desktop software is supported for PCs running Windows 10 or newer.

Download FieldLab Desktop 

...or if you already have it installed and need the latest version to access Snapshot Logging: Update FieldLab Desktop


In FieldLab Desktop, navigate to Test Modes in the main navigation bar.


Select the New button


Select Snapshot Logging from the dropdown menu


In the "Test Name" field, enter a name for your new test.


Select the engineering units you want to use for the test.

The default is psi but you can set it to any one of 18 universally recognized pressure units. Any custom unit you have created in FieldLab Desktop will also be available for selection in this menu.


Select the number of points you need to be included in the test.

You can select a specific number of points, or if you don't know how many points each test will require, select "Infinite". 


Optional: Name your points.

If you selected a specific number of points, you have the option to pre-name each point to make it easier for you or the person running to test to know which object to log, and in what order. 

For example, if you're logging multiple pressure points on a piece of machinery, you can name each point after an identifiable location or label on the machine.

If you selected "Infinite" for number of points, the points will be automatically named by sequential number at the time of the test.


Optional: Select "Include Target Pressure".

You can add a target pressure to be included with each point in the test that will appear alongside each point logged at the time of the test. If target pressure is included, a column quantifying deviation-from-target will be visible for each point during the test; and also in the saved dataset.

Hint: Use the Copy button to save time on data entry. 

If all of your fields are going to be the same, you can enter the desired info into the top field, select the Copy button, and your info will be duplicated in all the fields below.


Optional: Select "Include Permissible Error".

If you included a target pressure, you can also include a permissible error for each point in the test. This will give the person running the test an at-a-glance view for whether each point is within allowable tolerance, and will also automatically show a pass/fail visual indicator. Pass/fail indicators will be included in the saved dataset if Permissible Error is included.


Optional: Select custom data fields to include in the test.

If you have previously created custom data fields in FieldLab Desktop, a selectable list of them will be included for you to check off so they will be included for the person running the test to fill in to be saved with the dataset. Any data field you have checked will appear as a blank, editable field for the person running the test. Some common examples of custom data fields: Serial Number, Asset Tag Number, Site Location, etc.


Select Save to add your test to the Test library in FieldLab Desktop.

Once your Snapshot Logging test is saved, you can:

  • Activate and run a Snapshot Logging Test on a computer with a connected Ralston FieldLab Digital Pressure Calibrator or Field Gauge.
  • Add a Snapshot Logging Test to a FieldLab Digital Pressure Calibrator and run it directly on the device.
  • Export and share data from a completed Snapshot Logging Test with other people or systems in your organization.