1. Test Mode Name - Enter a custom name for your Test Mode. 
  2. Test Mode Units - Select the engineering units you want this test mode to measure pressure in.
  3. Logging Interval - Set the amount of time that passes between each instance pressure is recorded.
  4. Log Point Type - Set the log point to log the exact point or average since last test point.
  5. Session Duration - Tell the FieldLab device when to stop recording pressure data.
  6. Power Settings - Will take effect and override the default settings on the FieldLab device any time this Test Mode is active. Adjust Power Settings to conserve battery life.
  7. Auto Display Sleep - The amount of time that passes before the screen goes to sleep (but the gauge will remain on).
  8. Auto Backlight Off - Amount of time before the screen goes dim.
  9. Auto Power Off - If there is not activity, the gauge will Power Off after the amount of time you set here. You can also choose, "Never".
  10. Summary - A text summary of the test mode you're creating. It will auto-update to reflect any changes you make.

Once you save your changes:

Add Test Modes that aren't already on the FieldLab Pressure Calibrator. Instructions for doing so are here: Add Test Modes to a FieldLab.

Sync Test Modes that are already added to one or more FieldLab Pressure devices in order for your edits to be available on the device. Instructions for doing so are here: Sync Test Modes.