Minimum Requirements:

  • Ralston FieldLab pressure device with provided USB cable to use as your reference.
  • A Windows computer with FieldLab Desktop software installed and running. Download for free here.
  • The FieldLab pressure device must be linked to your FieldLab Desktop software. For instructions, see Add a FieldLab device to FieldLab Desktop
  • A saved Calibration Test Mode in FieldLab Desktop software. For instructions, see Create a new Calibration Test Mode


Make the proper connections.

  • Make airtight connections between the FieldLab Pressure, a pressure source, and the DUT. 
  • Connect your FieldLab device via the provided USB cable to your computer or establish a wireless connection (FieldLab Wireless Module and USB Dongle required).
  • Power it on.

Select Test Modes in FieldLab Desktop.


Select the Calibration Test Mode you wish to run.


Select the Activate button.


Select the reference you wish to use for the test

A FieldLab reference device must be powered on and connected via USB to your computer. If you don't see any devices on this screen, you must first Link your FieldLab device to FieldLab Desktop. For instructions, see Add a FieldLab device to FieldLab Desktop


Exercise the device under test.

Follow the instructions on your computer screen. You can choose to skip this step and proceed to the calibration.


For each point in the test, adjust the pressure on the DUT to match the target pressure in the Device Under Test column.

The pressure in the Reference column is the live reading of your reference, and will reflect the exact pressure of your reference device.


Select the Log button once the DUT reads the exact pressure indicated in the Device Under Test column.

The Spacebar on your keyboard is a shortcut for the Log button.


Select the Next button to advance to the next point.

The Return key on your keyboard is a shortcut for the Next button.

Repeat the procedure until you have logged all the points in the test.


Select the "Finish Test" button once you have logged all points in the test.


Enter additional test information by clicking the pencil icons


Test Complete!

Once your test is complete, you can review the test results, view the dataset, retest the same device, or test another device.


You can view and export the results of your test by navigating to Data Sets.

For more information about exporting test data, read Export Data Sets from FieldLab Desktop.