You must first Create a Calibration Test and Add it to the FieldLab. For instructions, see:

  • Create a New Calibration Test Mode
  • Add Test Mode to a FieldLab

Make the proper connections.

Make airtight connections between the FieldLab Pressure, a pressure source, and the DUT.


To Activate the Calibration Test Mode, Open the Menu ​by pressing the Menu Button.


Select Test Modes from the Menu


Activate the Calibration Test


Press the Right Arrow Button to Start Test


Adjust the pressure reading on the DUT to the units indicated on the FieldLab.


Press the Log Button to Log the Point


Review the readings and Accept to record the data and move on to the next point, or Relog to go back and re-adjust the pressure.

Repeat for each point in the test.


Once you have recorded pressure for each point in the test, the Calibration Test is complete. You can now View the Data Set or select OK to return to the Main Pressure Screen.

Once you've completed a test, you can import the Data Sets (test results) to FieldLab Desktop. Instructions for doing so are here: Import Data Sets from FieldLab Pressure to FieldLab Desktop.

Once Data Sets have been imported to FieldLab Desktop, you can export them in .csv format. Instructions for doing so are here: Export Data Sets from FieldLab Desktop.