A Gauge is Overpressurized

A Gauge is Overpressurized

Before applying pressure to your Ralston gauge, confirm that the gauge is rated for higher than the max pressure that will be applied. 
Gauges that have been overpressured above 33% of max rating will be unable to display or log accurate pressure readings.

If a Ralston gauge is over rated max pressure, the FieldLab Mobile app will display the following message:

A gauge is overpressurized. 
If you can do it safely, reduce pressure immediately to avoid damage to the gauge sensor.

If applied pressure is 2 - 32% above rated max pressure for the gauge.

Ralston gauges and the FieldLab Mobile app will continue to display accurate pressure readings as long as the applied pressure is less than 33% of factory rated max pressure for the gauge.

If applied pressure is above at or above 33% of max rating for the gauge:

  1. The gauge will no longer display an accurate pressure reading on the gauge screen.

  2. Pressure readings saved to a data set during a log session will not be accurate.

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