Determine the max pressure for your Ralston gauge.

Determine the max pressure for your Ralston gauge.

Before applying pressure to your Ralston gauge, confirm that the gauge is rated for higher than the max pressure that will be applied. 
Gauges that have been overpressured above 33% of max rating will be unable to display or log accurate pressure readings.

There are several ways to determine the max pressure of your Ralston gauge:

On the gauge: Read the label affixed to the side of the gauge.

In the FieldLab Mobile App: Read the range for the gauge while it connected via Bluetooth in the FieldLab Mobile app. NOTE: This feature is only available in Bluetooth enabled gauges. How to determine if my Ralston gauge is Bluetooth enabled.

In the FieldLab Desktop App: Read the range on the Overview screen for gauges connected to the FieldLab Desktop app on your PC.