Get started with FieldLab Mobile

Get started with FieldLab Mobile

Check compatibility of your mobile device

FieldLab Mobile runs on:
  1. iOS versions 11.0 and newer.
  2. Android versions 9 and newer.

Power on your Field Gauge

FieldLab Mobile works with any Bluetooth enabled Ralston Field Gauge

Download FieldLab Mobile

Apple App Store for Apple iPhones and iPads.
Google Play Store for Google Android phones and tablets. 

Open FieldLab Mobile on your phone or tablet.

Connect to your Field Gauge(s) with FieldLab Mobile.

  1. Confirm that your Field Gauge model is Bluetooth enabled. If the last two characters in the model number printed on the gauge are "B1", the gauge is Bluetooth enabled. How to tell if your Field Gauge model can communicate wirelessly with Bluetooth
  2. Confirm that your Field Gauge(s) are powered on and within range. Max range: 328 feet (100 meters).
  3. In the app, if you don't see your Field Gauge connected, select the Scan button.
  4. Select 'Connect'. Once connected you will see live readings from the Field Gauge in FieldLab Mobile.

Set your units

Select the pressure and/or temperature units you want to use.

Set your interval

Select how frequently you want to log data points.

Log Data

Select Start Logging. 
Select Stop once your test is complete.

Share your saved data

All shared data sets will be in .csv file format.
  1. Select "Data Sets".
  2. Select the data set you want to share in the list.
  3. Select Share.
  4. Your mobile device will present you with an *array of choices for sharing the data set.
* You can use any of the default channels for sharing that your mobile device offers, or you can customize how you choose to share data sets on your mobile device by installing apps. Some common examples: Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive.

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