Instructions for assembling an Outdoor Enclosure Kit are here: Assemble Outdoor Enclosure Kit.

Mount to a Wall


Attach to wall using lag screws.

Secure the Enclosure Kit to a wall with four lag screws (not included) through four pre-drilled holes in the back corner tabs of the FieldLab Outdoor Enclosure.


Secure external end of ground wire to appropriate ground

Mount to a pole

Mount enclosure to a pole using the pole mounting kit. 

Enclosure pole mounting kits can be included with your order of the FieldLab Outdoor Enclosure. More product information here.


Assemble Pole Brackets

There are two U-shaped pole brackets that ship disassembled. For each one, connect the two halves of the pole bracket with provided nut and screw. 


Connect U-Shaped Pole Bracket to Pole and slide Mounting Bracket onto the Pole Bracket

1: Hold U-shaped Pole Bracket on pole at desired height.

Connect U-shaped Pole Bracket to pole at desired height for the top of enclosure.

2: Slide the slots of the Mounting Bracket over the Pole Bracket.

Slide the Mounting Bracket over the U-shaped Pole Bracket. Center the Mounting Bracket, and tighten the screw on the back of the Pole Bracket.

 Repeat steps 1 and 2 above with the bottom Pole and Mounting Brackets.

Leave the screw loose enough that you can slide the bottom bracket up and down as needed to align it with the enclosure.


Attach top of the Enclosure Kit to the top Mounting Bracket

1: Align the top enclosure mounting holes, Mounting Bracket holes, and clamping washers

Align the pre-drilled mounting holes in the enclosure with the holes in the Mounting Brackets and clamping washers so that you can guide a bolt through them.

2: Secure the components with the bolt, washer and nut.

Use a pair of wrenches to tighten the nut on the bolt.

 â€‹Repeat steps for all four mounting holes on the back of the Enclosure Kit.

Secure both top bolts on the top Mounting Bracket. Slide the bottom Mounting Bracket up and down the pole until it aligns with the bottom holes of the Enclosure Kit, and secure everything with the provided bolt, washer and nuts.


Secure external end of ground wire to appropriate ground