This article applies to all Field Gauge LC20 and Process Meter LC30 models equipped with a Wireless Radio (W1).


Confirm that the Field Gauge is set to the same radio channel as the device you want to the Field Gauge to communicate with.

Field Gauges and other Ralston devices that are equipped with a W1 Radio each have 16 radio channels (11 through 26). All devices must be set to the same channel in order to communicate with each other. The factory default for all Ralston devices is channel 26.

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Press and hold the Menu/Up Arrow Button to access the menu.


Press the Backlight/Right Arrow Button to scroll to RADIO


Press the Zero/Check button to enter the Radio submenu.


Press the Zero/Check button to turn on radio ON.

After you press the Zero/Check Button, you should see a 'Waiting' message and a blinking link icon. This indicates the radio is on and the Field Gauge is looking for another device to connect to.