PSV/PRV Test Setup: Quick Overview

PSV/PRV Test Setup: Quick Overview

Overview of the PSV/PRV Test Modes settings screen in FieldLab Desktop.

This features requires FieldLab Desktop 1.24.0 or later. Download the latest version for free.

  1. Test Mode Name: Name your test mode. The name you select will help you identify this test on all devices once it is saved.
  2. Crack & Reseat Detection: You can select "Auto Detection of Crack and Reseat" to allow your FieldLab Device to automatically detect when the valve cracks and reseats, ideal for scenarios where the events happen so quickly that the human eye cannot detect them; OR "Manual Marking of Crack and Reseat", ideal for situations when the valve crack and reseat events are slower and can be detected by the technician on-site.
  3. Number of crack tests: Define the number of crack tests that need to be performed on the pressure valve.
  4. Acceptable crack range: Define the crack range using simple, conditional, or simply apply the standards as specified in ASME BPVC VIII.1 UG-134(d)(1) or ASME BPVC VIII.1 UG-125(d)(3) preset modes.
  5. Default Units: The engineering units you wish to use for this test.
  6. Include Seal Tightness Test: Check this option to include a seat tightness test once the crack tests are completed.
  7. Data Fields: Check to include any data fields relevant to the test mode. Here is how to create a custom data fields that can be included with any test mode.

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