This features requires FieldLab Desktop version 1.24.0 or later. Download the latest version for free.

This feature requires FieldLab Firmware version 1.123 or later. You can update the firmware on a FieldLab by linking it to FieldLab Desktop software with the provided USB cable. Follow this link for Step-by-step instructions for updating FieldLab Firmware.


Go to Test Modes in FieldLab Desktop


Click the New Test Mode button and select PSV/PRV Test


Name the test mode


Select Crack & Reseat Detection

Auto Detection of Crack and Reseat 
When you select auto detection, the FieldLab will automatically detect, display, and save the crack & reseat pressures. Ideal for scenarios where the events happen so quickly that it's difficult for a human to determine the exact crack pressure.

Manual Marking of Crack and Reseat 
With this setting, the person performing the test watches the valve and manually marks the crack and reseat events with the press of a button on the FieldLab. 

It is recommended that you select the manual setting when testing liquid Pressure Safety Valves (PSV) or proportional relief valves (PRV).


Select the number of crack tests you want to perform on the PSV/PRV


Select acceptable crack range

You can define your own range when you select Simple Crack Range or Conditional Crack Range; or you can apply specified standards as defined by The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).


(Optional) Include a seat tightness test at the end of the crack tests.

When you include a Seat Tightness Test, the FieldLab will enable you to record in your test data that the test was performed, the pressure that was applied to the seal, the length of time the pressure was applied, and whether it passed or failed. The gauge will prompt you for PASS/FAIL status at the time of the test.


(Optional) Select which data fields will be included with the test data

For more information on creating and adding custom data fields, see Add Custom Data Fields to a Test.


Save the new test mode

Once the test is saved, you will need to add it to your FieldLab(s) in order to apply the test to a pressure safety valve/pressure relief valve. See for Add Test Modes to a FieldLab for instructions.